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  1. Uses for photographic scenery!

    This weekend, I'm off on a bit of an expedition. Now, it's on several fells in the Lake District( for my overseas readers, you'd probably call it a couple of small hills, but for us in the UK it's a big thing!)

    So, I thought, so I don't get lost, why don't I fly the route beforehand on FSX with my newly acquired photographic scenery? Would it be detailed enough?

    It was. I could fly the whole route in the Ultralight. Now, all I have to do is not get lost on Saturday and ...
  2. Close enough for jazz?

    You've probably heard the term 'Well, it's close enough for jazz.' Whether you were actually playing jazz (and what jazz is) at the time is a matter for another day, but when is it close enough for jazz?

    As you may know, I play the Sax. Recently, I was playing a twelve bar blues with some others, and one we had finished( quite difficult with no drummer!) the bassist said to me "Next time,can you stick in the same key for all of it, please?" Now, I wasn't offended by this, ...
  3. The Best Toy

    by , 09-08-2008 at 08:33 PM (Kapitan Aviation Stories)
    Its 1965, and my father brought from Germany a toy that made me the happiest five year old in the planet. I have nerver again seen such a high-tech toy, with quality and attention to detail.

    Its puzzling, I thought that the future would produce better quality. Progress gives the idea of improvement, but in this case I reckon the 60s was the "future" compared to today. In those days there were no "made in China" mass cheap products. Only Japan was entering the industrial ...
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  4. All these distractions

    All I intended to do this morning on the computer was to file my bid for next week's(?) flights with Noble Air, check up on a couple of scenery files I wanted to add, and write briefly to this blog. Instead, I also downloaded a Tu-144 that was over 100MB, checked the GMInsideNews forum for the latest and greatest (or at least the most predictable). I intended to do these thing briefly, and proceed to the gym in my continuing fight with my ever distorting shape.

    But, no, it turned ...
  5. SR-71 My introduction

    In a land far far away I served a 37 month tour of duty as a Senior Radar Maintenance Supervisor in The US Army. One night I was summoned to the operations room with a complaint that the radar system I was monitoring was giving "False returns". I trotted down the hall and asked the operators what was worth getting me up in the middle of the night. I was immediately shown a radar "Track", on an 1800+ knot aircraft inbound. A very quick system check showed the system was working ...
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