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  1. Flying In The Back

    As much time as I spend with flightsimming, and also real GA flying, I rarely have the chance to fly in an airliner. The need just doesn't seem to come up much.

    This week, though, I'm on a trip to Redmond, WA. Yesterday was a long day of flying, in a United Boeing 757-200 first to Denver and then to Seattle. Overall a pretty pleasant flight and favorable conditions. We got to Denver 45 minutes early so I had more time to walk around and stretch after 4 hours on the plane. In Seattle, ...
  2. Flightsimming Comes To Real Aviation

    What goes around comes around...

    We all know the cliche about flightsimming being "as real as can be". And surely this has become more and more true with each advance in flight simulator versions. But now it's turned around as flightsimming is coming to real aviation.

    This week Garmin announced the new Aera 796 GPS unit. It's "hand held" in that it does not mount in a plane's panel though it's kind of big. But what struck me on seeing this is its ...
    Tags: 796, aera, garmin, gps
  3. A Three Island Tour

    I spend seven days a week doing something relating to flightsimming...that is what it takes to keep this web site going. But I also have many other interests, the problem being finding time to devote to them. One partial solution is to try and combine activities and thus the "Three Island Tour" came about.

    No surprise, I like to fly real planes and do it when I can. With limited time finding interesting destinations not too far away is something I'm always looking for. Another ...

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  4. Fsx ctashes when flitht enters new add on scsenery

    hello, i am having trouble with fsx crashing (fatal errors) when entering a planned flight to an addon scenery. this is particularly true when the approacing airport's vor is dialed or set. for example Aerosoft Frankfort main or Paris scenery my FS will crash in a planned flight from anywhere. same in the US... help [email protected] Gene
  5. Diversion to Fiji...

    by , 02-15-2011 at 05:35 PM (Earthrounder in a Bonanza V35B)
    February 15, 2011.
    Good bye, Pago Pago. The weather in the Southern Pacific hasn't been good for a few days, storms, low clouds, I chose not to fly. But today was different, Clouds were scattered around 2500 feet. The winds were calm and it was mostly sunny. So off I am to the Southwest to Fiji.

    I'm having a little trouble with the blogging software here on flight My pictures are dropping off.
    The software for this for is powered by V bulletin and it says ...
    FSX EarthRounder
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