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  1. More about that sailing.

    xxmikexx asked me about the sailing I did last week. Well, when I say I was sailing all last week, I don't actually mean I was on a boat 24/7.

    I just went sailing every day. I sailed various dingies - Pico, Laser 1, RS Feva. If you've never heard of these, don't worry. You may have seen the Laser at the Olympics, which Ben Ainslie of the UK won!

    I'll see if I can get some photos, I think there might be one.
  2. Aurora Info

    As Mike McCarthy suggested, I'm here to tell what I have learned about Area 51 and the Aurora from the internet and various books I've had a look at.
    First off, supposedly, the Aurora took it's first flight at Groom Lake (Area 51) in 1989. It was retired in around 1999 or so but was then put back into service recently.
    I'll just list the estimated statistics here from wikipedia (I know wiki isn't a reliable resource, but a reliable resource wouldn't matter to much with an aircraft ...
  3. Rejected Takeoff


    The fringes of the hurricane from Florida spun across the mid-south last Monday, drenching us at evening rush hour. About 5 minutes after I got home and fired up the box to check e-mail, a near-by transformer went sizzle-pop and the prospects of an unpowered evening flashed across my brain as everything went quiet and dark.

    Adapted to the loss with a 90-second walk across the street to my son's home where we had dinner and watched about half of the Battlestar ...
  4. Well, here we go.

    Hello fellow bloggers,
    That is a bit assuming on my part. Who knows if I will like this, or if my life, times and opinions are interesting enough for anyone to read, let alone comment on.
    If someone were to section my trunk they would presumably count 63 rings. (If I were a tree). I reside in the great state of Nebraska, home of a formerly great, and soon to be great again, football team known as the Cornhuskers. On any Saturday when the Cornhuskers play in their home stadium ...
  5. Heatseeker... Not.

    I'm sure you've heard of the worldwide craze which is the Nintendo Wii. You may also know that it has a game called 'Heatseeker' available, which is a military flightsim.

    Weeell, I'm now on level 2.5, and I'm noticing some significant problems with the game -

    1: Numbers. You and your
    wingman are based on an aircraft carrier called the Nemesis. Not a problem, except you appear to be the only two on the ship. And of course, the kill counts are ridiculous compared. ...

    Updated 08-27-2008 at 05:28 PM by Flying Officer Jevans

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