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  1. I have a blog?????

    by , 08-16-2008 at 03:53 PM (Rantings of a Radio Operator)
    Wow, I didn't know this was here. Oh well. How come nobody told me about this one then? Anyway, my first repaint has been sent to the file library, within the next few days, it should appear. Search for C150ZU.ZIP!

    Oh yes. I forgot to mention I will post the goings on at Beccles Airfield when I can! Let's start with today.

    When I entered the room, I was instantly told my repaint was excellent. I then proceeded to look at the real thing, just to make sure I got ...

    Updated 09-02-2008 at 07:35 AM by dobar

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  2. 'growing' up on a ranch

    I told a bit of a falsehood, I guess. I didn't actually grow up on a ranch. I grew up 'around' a ranch, for whatever that's worth. I spent a fair amount of time at my Aunt's ranch in Livermore.

    My actual home was in Castro Valley, CA; a small suburban settlement of neverending housing developments in the East bay area. Our house was on top of a hill that (on a good day) enabled views clear to San Jose and San Francisco. Castro Valley was caught in a situation unique to California: ...
  3. a beginning of sorts.

    This is my first Blog! The idea of blogging has always appealled to me; mainly because I talk to much and I've always got an opinion. If you follow this website's forums you know that I post nearly every day. That makes it automatically a good place for me to start my blogging----just because I'm 'here' a lot.

    I've always taken pride in my narrative and descriptive writing skills. I feel I have a natural ability to place a reader (or listener, for that matter) in the situation; ...
  4. My "blog"?

    My Blog.
    Well. I never thought I'd write one of these.

    Ok, so, what am I up too? And where are my projects at?

    Well, if you remember the Lightning F6 I was doing, that was the reason for me joining( see the Aircraft Design forum in Feb), that got put on the back burner. As did the SE5a. Although that will come sometime.

    What I am doing at the moment is an update for the PSS Concorde, to put it in FSX. That should go out in the next few weeks.
  5. cap simc130 -still trouble!help?

    thanks to those who tried to help last time i posted but it didnt work-i have new pc-amd dual 3ghz-4ram -512 ddr 9600gt card.I bought base pack c130 capsim doesnt load-see airplane in aircraft section followed all install tech stuff advice-still wont the problem i nead service pack1/2 or accelorator for 3rd party software to work thats what i read on a web site for msfsx-ps i really want to fly this plane had demo in 2004fs9- bought new pc and disk version from cap sim -there tech support ...
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