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  1. 3 Ways That Airlines Protect Their Passengers

    While it has become commonplace in the modern era, flight remains a logistical improbability and a bit miraculous. While it is a common fear, flying an airplane is, statistically, safer than driving a car. However, this fact depends heavily on the staff of a given airline, and there are a lot of factors working against them. These are the tips an airline staff will need in order to ferry their precious human cargo as safely as possible.

    Maintaining Energy and Alertness
    Airlines ...
  2. Tips For Starting Out Well On Your Next Airplane Build

    Whether you're a seasoned expert or a beginner dabbling in a new craft, building your own airplane is an exciting adventure. But it can also be incredibly expensive and stressful, costing thousands of dollars for design software, materials, and housing structures alone. However, there are options that can make a build cheap enough for anyone to attempt. This article will give you a few great ways to save some money and worry on your next build so you can focus on the fun part and get in the air ...
  3. 7 Tips To Help You Prepare for Flight School

    Flying an airliner or private plane may be one of your ambitions, but first, you have to complete flight school to become a licensed pilot. To make your time at flight school more productive, you can engage in preliminary studies and activities. Although the experienced instructors will teach you the necessary skills to fly, it helps to get a broad understanding of flight controls, emergencies, radio communications and federal regulations before attending flight school. You can use the following ...
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  4. 3 Tips For Building Your First Airplane

    If you're trying to build your own airplane, you probably don't know where to start first. There are so many cool kits to look at and so many finished builds to admire, and it's hard to get your head out of your clouds to actually start the project. This article will give you a few tried and true tips for starting your first build and staying focused along the way.
    1. Think Logistically
    One of the biggest challenges in building an airplane is finding the space and the right equipment ...
  5. 4 Reasons For Airlines to Go Green

    If you're in the airline industry or work with airlines, you've probably been involved in a discussion about whether or not you should be "going green". It may seem like too daunting a task to undertake all at once, or not worth the cost of replacing every component of the airline with eco-friendly counterparts. But going green has many benefits that outweigh the potential costs. This article will help you understand how going green can be a win for both your airline and the planet. ...
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