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  1. Staying Safe as an Airplane Pilot

    Flying a plane is an exhilarating experience. At the same time, it can also be complicated and dangerous. Even the most experienced pilots need to follow proper measures to ensure their safety in the air. If you pilot a plane, here are seven safety tips to keep in mind.

    Create and Use a Checklist

    Trying to keep everything that you need for a safe flight straight can be challenging. To ensure that you don’t forget anything in the heat of the moment, create ...

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  2. Back in the Cockpit

    I flew the sim for the 1st time in about a year. (FS2004, aka FS9, aka A Century of Flight) I have recently retired and moved to Florida, so I wanted to explore the area from the air. The program took forever to load on my ancient pc, but eventually I took off from Ocala in a Cherokee 6. Instead of my normal CH yoke, I had plugged in my Logitech joystick. I soon learned that I had forgotten the functions of multiple buttons (and even keyboard controls!) Throttle and stick. I turned east and soon ...