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  1. What Pilots Do To Stay Healthy on Long Flights

    One of the most well-respected and admired careers is that of an airline pilot. Pilots live an exciting life jet-setting all over the world at a moment's notice. However, this thrilling job is not without its share of health-related challenges. Being confined to a small cockpit for hours at a time can be tedious, but these professionals have figured out how to make it work. Here are six things that airline pilots do to stay healthy on long flights.

    Stretch Their Legs
    The last ...
  2. 3 Ways That Airlines Address Flight Anxiety

    Flight was once thought to be impossible, but it’s now so commonplace that the biggest factors stopping humans from soaring through the sky are either economic or motivated by a fear of flying. While flying in a plane is safer on average than driving a car, the irrational fear of flying holds a lot of people back in terms of their travel options. However, airlines aren’t blind to these problems, and they’ve taken many steps to help passengers feel at ease thousands of feet in the air. Here’s ...
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