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  1. Win10, the good, the bad, the perceptions.

    There has been a lot said around win10, much of it reconstituted from others experience or from other views and not a lot from first hand experience. A lot has been said around privacy and the fact that win10 collects data and meta data about users habits and who has possible access to the data collected.
    There has been some spirited and slightly heated discussions on the message boards around many subjects related to win10 some of which I have been party to and some that I have thought ...
    Tags: fsx, win10, windows 10
  2. Cessna 172: FSX v. FS2004

    It dawns on me that I have the Cessna 172 on both programs, and can recreate my real C172 flights on both platforms and compare the experience. I start with the FSX at Austin Mueller and head for Taylor, just a few miles to the north. Everything seems normal, except the long take-off roll and some ground handling difficulty. The settings were the same I have been using, with brown and green out the window, generally identifiable landmarks, and sparse buildings. After landing, I reset the graphics ...
  3. Helicopter Demo: R22 at Austin Executive

    I had almost 230 hours in airplanes, but I had been reading about the new Robinson R22 helicopter in the aviation magazines. I saw there was a local flight school giving training and demo rides, so I treated myself to a lesson. I drove to Austin Executive and met with the CFI-H for a demo. I had flown once before in a sightseeing helicopter, and the Robinson was much smaller. It was truly the C152 of helicopters, with barely room for two people. I sat in the right seat, the traditional pilot seat ...
  4. 1st Flight/ 1st Recreation

    First Recreation
    C150 SX-BDG (FSX)
    From: KHYI (San Marcos, Texas)
    To: Local
    Landings: 1
    SEL: 0.6 hours

    First Flight
    September 9, 1988
    C152 N67892
    From: T98 (San Marcos, Texas)
    To: Local
    Landings: 1
    SEL (Single Engine Land): 0.8 hours
    Remarks: Intro to aircraft, climbs, straight and level, descents, turns
    Dual: 0.8 hours
    Total: 0.8 hours

    I am once ...