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  1. 4 Ways Airlines Have Adopted Green Initiatives

    In the last ten years, innovations in the airline industry have resulted in safer and more efficient aircraft. Although air travel has improved considerably, the industry suffers from sustainability issues that could take several years to correct. With nearly 3% of the world’s carbon emissions attributed to air travel, consumers have increasingly pressured airlines to reduce their environmental impact. Developing a more sustainable model for worldwide air travel is a challenging prospect, but ...
  2. 3 Ways That Airlines Protect Their Passengers

    While it has become commonplace in the modern era, flight remains a logistical improbability and a bit miraculous. While it is a common fear, flying an airplane is, statistically, safer than driving a car. However, this fact depends heavily on the staff of a given airline, and there are a lot of factors working against them. These are the tips an airline staff will need in order to ferry their precious human cargo as safely as possible.

    Maintaining Energy and Alertness
    Airlines ...