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  1. How To Succeed in the Air Travel Industry

    The airline industry has long been an important one, and that trend shows no signs of slowing. Quite the opposite, really. As the digital age marches on, the world is only becoming a smaller and more close-knit place, meaning that international travel will continue to be a highly necessary service for a variety of purposes, from business to pleasure. This makes the airline industry one that’s sure to generate profit, so it’s only natural to want to get a piece of that pie for yourself. However, ...
  2. How To Manage Your Airline’s Finances

    Airlines get to take advantage of perpetual demand, and that can make the air travel industry an appealing one for up and coming entrepreneurs. However, this incredibly important industry is also an incredibly complicated affair. At the end of the day, an airline is a business like any other, and that means that your biggest priority will always be the finances. Managing your finances will prove to be an ongoing issue, but these tips can help you keep your business afloat and your planes in the ...

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  3. Chicago: Closing the Loop

    I started this journey in Aurora, Illinois, six years ago. (See blog entry “PA32 XC: Illinois to Washington” from 6/17/2015.) I recreated my trips in a real plane from Aurora to Seattle to California to Texas, where I sold my beloved Saratoga and eventually stopped flying. When I moved to Florida, I imagined what it would be like to fly from Texas. Then, I decided to close the loop of the continental U.S. This is the final leg.

    South Bend,IN-Chicago-Aurora: I spawned on the active ...
  4. When you Should Purchase Airline Insurance

    Leisure travel is something most people spend a significant amount of time doing research and planning. With limited vacation time, everyone wants the perfect trip. Airline tickets, lodging, and rental cars aren’t cheap. In most cases, a huge portion of that money needs to be put down months before the actual vacation begins. When an emergency arises, travelers can be out of that downpayment. If the planned trip is costly, travelers should consider purchasing insurance to protect at least some ...
  5. Upper Midwest

    Niagara Falls-Toledo,OH: I glimpsed the Falls out the window of the PA-32 as I left KIAG and turned to 211 degrees, bound for Dunkirk. This route took me across Lake Erie and through some Canadian airspace. At Dunkirk, I turned to follow the shoreline to Erie Intl. (KERI), then on to Cleveland.

    The rolling hills gave way to fields, with occasional cities. It was monotonous, green on the left, blue on the right, without even clouds. I did see several radio antennas, plus a cooling ...
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