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  1. How Are Airplanes Designed and Built?

    Air travel has progressed in leaps and bounds since its origins in the early 20th century. With innovations in aeronautics, navigation and material science, modern planes are safer and more efficient than their predecessors. Building an airplane is a massive undertaking that involves engineers, technicians and specialized mechanics. Larger aircraft like airliners take less than two weeks to construct, but the design and testing phase sometimes takes several years. For more complicated military aircraft, ...
  2. How To Make Long Flights Easier on Children

    Traveling is a great way to spend time as a family. It's a chance to build great memories and to learn from new adventures. A trip can help enhance your child's knowledge of the world as he or she learns of different cultures, historical perspectives, and geographic diversity. With all the good things associated with travel, perhaps one of the toughest aspects is the flight from point A to point B.
    If you're concerned that your child may find the time on the flight challenging, you are not ...
  3. A Day in the Life of an Airline Pilot

    Airline pilots and flight attendants have some of the most unique work schedules and responsibilities. As a result, many find these professions fascinating, both as a potential career path and for having a general understanding of what's going on behind the scenes on a flight. Here is a typical schedule for many airline pilots.
    Getting Ready for a Shift
    There are legal requirements for how much rest flight crew members need in relation to how long they've flown. Because of this, pilots ...
  4. 5 Ways a Private Plane Can Benefit Your Business

    A private plane is seen as a luxury around the world, but who knew it could be so useful for your business, too? Everyone hates going through security at airports and dealing with delayed flights, and all these time-wasters and distractions can impact how you conduct your business. If you're considering buying a private plane, here are five ways this purchase can help your business as well.
    1. Save Time
    When you have your own plane, you're not restricted to the travel schedules of ...
  5. How Air Travel Is Adjusting for More Sustainability

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    As the world becomes more aware of the environmental impacts of everyday activities such as travel, work and entertainment, industries have looked at how they can adjust for more sustainability. The airline industry has looked at ways to have less of an environmental impact through airports, planes and airline practices including using renewable energy sources, carbon offsetting and alternative fuels. Not only does this make air travel more appealing ...
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