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  1. 4 Tips for Staying Healthy as an Airplane Pilot

    Flying planes for a living comes with a certain amount of risks along with the many rewards. Not only does the job itself come with some possibility of danger, but there are health concerns that could creep up on you after years of sitting for a job. This article will help you identify some of those risks and come up with ways to prevent issues before they arise.

    1. Stay Hydrated
    The importance of hydration to health can often seem overstated, but neglecting to hydrate properly ...
  2. 8 Ways COVID-19 Has Impacted Airlines and What That Means For Travelers

    One of the major impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic has been that far fewer people are traveling due to the health risks involved. This reduction in travel has had a major impact on the airline industry. These are eight of the ways airlines have been affected by COVID-19.

    1. The CDC Has Said Traveling On Airplanes Increases the Risk Of Coronavirus Transmission

    Being indoors for long periods of time within proximity to other people is one of the highest risk activities ...
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