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  1. Avoiding Burnout as a Flight Attendant

    Many careers have the potential for a high turnover rate, although there are some that can be more tiring than others. Consider what a day in the life of that job looks like, what their tasks are, how many people they interact with, and work-life balance. You may already find yourself in a position ...
  2. 5 Tips To Thrive as a Flight Attendant

    Every career has its pros and cons, but some, such as being a flight attendant, present unique challenges. Flight attendants not only must cope with a constant change of location, but they also must learn to prosper in one of the most stressful environments there is: the airport. Airports are full of long lines, cranky passengers and the latest germs. How can a person in this line of work learn to thrive in his or her circumstances? Consider several pieces of advice that may help you as a flight ...
  3. Best Ways to Stay In Shape As a Flight Attendant

    Flight attendants have busy, demanding schedules, making it even more challenging to work on your fitness. If you are in this position, it is easy to get frustrated with the lack of time and motivation. Here are the best ways to stay in shape while managing such a taxing career.

    Focus On Nutrition

    What you eat has a massive correlation with how you feel. When you are out of state working, eating unhealthy may be more convenient. However, your nutrition is a ...