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  1. How Airlines Engineer Safe Flight

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    Flight is a fundamental part of modern life and commerce. Airlines ferry passengers around the globe, and cargo planes deliver commercial goods internationally. While many have a fear of flying, the statistics show that air travel is, on average, safer than other forms of public transportation or even driving your own car. However, the fear of flying isn’t unfounded. There are many logistical problems that need to be solved before an aircraft is passenger ...
  2. How Airplanes Get Made

    The internal combustion engine fascinates so many people. There are garages all over where homeowners have spare parts strewn across floors, workbenches and shelving units just waiting to get put back together so the automobile can carry passengers again. Far fewer people tinker with airplanes, though. It’s not just because fewer people have pilot’s licenses, but because airplanes seem far more complicated. While they are difficult, airplanes aren’t impossible to build.

    What You Need ...
  3. Thinking About Rebuilding an Aircraft? Tips for Getting Started

    Aviation enthusiasts are always looking for the next big challenge. For many, the ultimate involves restoring and rebuilding an aircraft. This lofty project is not one to be entered into lightly, but if you decide to take the plunge, here are some factors to consider.

    Find the Right Airplane

    The details of your rebuilding project will depend largely on the specific aircraft you decide to work on. Purchasing an airplane is obviously a huge investment, so you'll need ...
  4. Tips For Starting Out Well On Your Next Airplane Build

    Whether you're a seasoned expert or a beginner dabbling in a new craft, building your own airplane is an exciting adventure. But it can also be incredibly expensive and stressful, costing thousands of dollars for design software, materials, and housing structures alone. However, there are options that can make a build cheap enough for anyone to attempt. This article will give you a few great ways to save some money and worry on your next build so you can focus on the fun part and get in the air ...