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  1. What Kind of Insurance Do Pilots Need?

    Pilots face many of the same risks as drivers of automobiles. There is the risk of damage to the plane and injury to the passengers. Insurance can help mitigate these risks and protect pilots from financial ruin if a disaster should happen.

    What Pilot Insurance Is
    Pilots who fly for a living are usually covered by their employer's policy. However, independent contractors and people who fly as a hobby need to purchase their own insurance. Pilot insurance provides liability protection ...
  2. 6 Jobs Available to Pilots

    While some people get a pilot's license strictly for recreational purposes, others intend to make flying their career. If you intend to make your living by flying, you've probably thought about becoming a pilot for one of the major airlines or for the military. These are certainly career options available to you, but they are not the only ones. Take a look at some of the career options available to you as a pilot that you may never have thought of.
    1. Freight
    There are many goods ...