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  1. 4 Key Reasons You Should be Recycling Equipment

    As a business owner, you should do what you can to protect the environment. You can do your part by recycling your used equipment and reusing things.
    Here are four key reasons why recycling equipment is a big deal:

    1. It Saves Energy

    Recycling equipment takes less energy than manufacturing new products from scratch. In fact, recycling just one computer can save enough energy to power an entire household for six months.

    In short—recycling business ...
  2. How Airports are Practicing Sustainable Efforts

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    As air travel continues to grow in popularity, and the size of airports continues to increase, expanding their carbon footprint, there is mounting pressure for airports to contribute to climate change efforts by increasing their sustainability practices. Some of the most eco-friendly airports in the world, such as Seattle-Tacoma, Zurich International and Stockholm Arlanda International, have major goals that focus on reducing their environmental impact ...