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  1. Important Parts of an Airplane

    Airplanes are ubiquitous in modern life, making long-distance travel relatively cheap and widely available. Flying is now a luxury that many can afford, allowing quick travel across the country or even around the world. Believe it or not, humanity just started flying in the early 1900s. How far we've come over the past century! The airplane is a bit of a mechanical marvel. Let's consider some of the key parts of modern aircraft.

    Airplanes are typically equipped with ...
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  2. How Are Airplanes Designed and Built?

    Air travel has progressed in leaps and bounds since its origins in the early 20th century. With innovations in aeronautics, navigation and material science, modern planes are safer and more efficient than their predecessors. Building an airplane is a massive undertaking that involves engineers, technicians and specialized mechanics. Larger aircraft like airliners take less than two weeks to construct, but the design and testing phase sometimes takes several years. For more complicated military aircraft, ...
  3. Easy Steps To Create a Safe and Efficient Airway

    Being the person responsible for maintaining an airway can come with a lot of responsibility. Not only must you make sure that the airway is clean and organized, a failure to take certain steps can also lead to potentially dangerous consequences. This means it is important for you to go above and beyond when inspecting, repairing, and maintaining the various components of the strip. Of course, it can always be useful to gain a little bit of guidance along the way. There’s a lot to remember, and ...