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  1. How Air Travel Has Evolved in the Past Century

    Throughout the history of man, people have yearned to fly – but it is doubtful that even 100 years ago anyone would have thought that air travel would have evolved to what it is today. Here is a quick history of how air travel has evolved through the years.

    It Can Be Used for Many Purposes

    Air travel at its very basic started out with man just wanting to get into the air, whether just to see what it felt like or to see if it could be done. However, soon after people ...
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  2. Protecting Data Security Makes Airports Safer

    In this information age, communication and the sharing of data are constantly improving at a fast rate. This equates to easier everything, most of the time, but nothing is perfect. People and businesses are vulnerable because when everything exists on the same digital grid there is always the chance that private information can be affected. Netizens, companies and institutions that do business online must be wary of all types of malware, designed to do all sorts of nefarious things. Data security ...
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  3. Resourceful Methods To Prepare for an Aviation Career

    Preparing for a career in the aviation industry requires significant time, training, patience, and dedication. While some individuals believe they can learn the basics of flying in a short period, there are crucial skills they must master to become successful. Read on for several factors about the industry and what you should consider before taking action.

    Enroll in a Reputable Training Program
    A program with significant positive reviews and an exceptional reputation is wise ...
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  4. 4 Best Tips for Being a Good Employer Whom Your Team Will Love

    Everyone needs a team that they can depend on. This is true in just about every area of life. When you are in school, you count on your classmates and instructors to help get you to the next level you want to be at. Even at home, the family dynamic acts as a team to make the home operate, and you depend on your family team to make things work.

    This is probably most true at work. You are the manager, who is the one that the entire team comes to for guidance and advice on what to do ...
  5. How To Board Your Dog on a Flight

    Taking your dog on a plane can be nerve-wracking for you both if you have never done so before. Many dogs are nervous on trips, and if you cannot be next to your furry friend, you're likely not sure what to expect. Despite how nervous you both might be feeling, there are ways you can mitigate the stress and uncertainty. These suggestions can help you and your pet feel better equipped before you take your flight together.

    Determine the Purpose of Your Flight
    First, ask yourself ...
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