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  1. how to become a detective

    Any police department would be lost without detectives. Prosecutors rely on detectives to gather evidence and bring criminals to justice.
    There are several steps involved in becoming a detective. Detectives typically begin their careers as patrol officers to get real-world law enforcing experience and develop the skills necessary to succeed in the field. A master's degree in criminology or a related field may also be helpful.

    The job of a detective

    Prospective ...
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  2. How to Become a Police Officer: Get Your Dream Job

    Police work is one of the most exciting and rewarding careers. If you're ready to start a new job, read on for tips on becoming a police officer. Keep reading to explore different occupations in law enforcement and discover what types of jobs are available and their requirements.

    Take the Law Enforcement entrance exam.
    The first stage is to select whether you want to work for the state or the federal government. You may apply to the state's law enforcement school after you've ...
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  3. 5 Ways You May Benefit From Refinancing Your Home

    With so many factors to consider, deciding whether or not to refinance your home can be difficult. There are many pros and cons to refinancing, and you will want to consult your mortgage loan officer and other resources before you make a formal decision. However, you may not be aware of the many ways that doing so may help improve your life. Here are just five reasons you may benefit from refinancing your home.

    1. Shorten Your Loan Term

    Depending on the interest rates ...
  4. Getting Healthier Hair From Home

    Having healthy hair is a big confidence boost. When your hair is healthy, it feels like you can conquer the world. Getting strong and healthy hair can sometimes feel like a wild goose chase. There are so many products available that don't fulfill their promises, which makes building a routine difficult. If you're looking to start a healthy hair journey, the following three steps will help you on your way.

    Vitamins and Supplements

    One way you can boost your hair's overall ...
  5. A Full-Time Pilot's Guide to Staying Active and Healthy

    When you're a full-time pilot, you spend most of your waking hours getting people where they need to go. It's an important job, but it's equally important to find time for yourself, especially for essential activities like exercise.

    Physical activity improves your energy and mental health and reduces your risk of many diseases, including heart disease and diabetes. Even when your free time is limited, you can find creative ways to be active.

    Invest in a Home Gym or ...
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