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  1. 6 Tips for Long Flights

    A long-haul flight is one in which you travel a distance of more than 2,200 miles. Flights like these may last eight hours or 18 hours. Either way, it is a long time to spend in an enclosed space. Nevertheless, long flights do not have to be unpleasant. There are things you can do to make the trip easier.

    1. Get on the New Schedule
    If you'll be arriving at your destination when it is morning local time, try to sleep on the plane. Find out about the benefits of weighted blankets ...
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  2. 3 Tips for Dealing With Jetlag

    Traveling is one of the greatest pleasures in life. It opens up endless opportunities for adventure, growth and making connections wherever you go. However, it can also leave you feeling out of sorts especially when jetlag hits.
    Even though jetlag is typically unavoidable, that doesn't mean you can't make adjusting easier on your mind and body. Here are three tips to keep in mind next time you head on an adventure.

    1. Supplement Accordingly
    How you feel overall is ...
  3. Tips to Help You Pick Your Next Used Car

    When shopping for used cars, there are plenty of factors to consider. Buying any car is a significant investment, and used cars, in particular, bring with them a unique set of variables. Here are some tips for finding a quality used car that you can trust.

    Used vehicles come in a variety of conditions, ranging from broken-down and non-functional to pristine and like-new. The former is far more common than the latter, and that is, unfortunately, not always obvious ...
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  4. 4 Important Safety Tips For Pilots

    Getting a pilot's license opens you up to many new and exciting adventures. You can take quick trips to a different state with your family. Or, craving a complete change of scenery, you can venture to a neighboring country. As fun as it is to be a pilot, there are also important safety guidelines to follow each time your plane takes off. Check out four important safety tips for pilots.

    1. Perform a Preflight Inspection
    Piloting a plane is very different from driving a car. ...