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  1. 5 Ways Airlines Save On Operations Costs

    Like many businesses with constantly fluctuating costs, airlines are always looking for clever ways to save on costs. Most of the time, these changes seem so small they may not look like they could add up to significant savings. But because of the sheer scale airlines are working with, even tiny alterations can make a huge difference. Here are some of the popular ways for airlines to save money in their day-to-day operations.

    1. Going Green
    While some airlines have gone fully ...
  2. How Green Technologies Can Transform the Airline Industry

    While the pandemic has greatly reduced all types of travel over the past year, including air travel, that trend is likely to reverse itself quickly as vaccines and other measures conquer the threat of COVID-19. With travelers itching to get out of their homes and explore the world again, the question of how to make aviation greener will become essential for the industry to answer.
    Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is a global priority and the airline industry has a significant role to play ...
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