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  1. How Air Travel Has Evolved in the Past Century

    Throughout the history of man, people have yearned to fly – but it is doubtful that even 100 years ago anyone would have thought that air travel would have evolved to what it is today. Here is a quick history of how air travel has evolved through the years.

    It Can Be Used for Many Purposes

    Air travel at its very basic started out with man just wanting to get into the air, whether just to see what it felt like or to see if it could be done. However, soon after people ...
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  2. Resourceful Methods To Prepare for an Aviation Career

    Preparing for a career in the aviation industry requires significant time, training, patience, and dedication. While some individuals believe they can learn the basics of flying in a short period, there are crucial skills they must master to become successful. Read on for several factors about the industry and what you should consider before taking action.

    Enroll in a Reputable Training Program
    A program with significant positive reviews and an exceptional reputation is wise ...
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  3. 4 Tips for Applying to Pilot School

    Many of us are not sure how we would enjoy spending the rest of our working lives. For some, however, we are instantly drawn to a field. Many pilots describe being drawn to the idea of being a pilot from a young age. If you dream of becoming a pilot, here are some helpful hints.
    1. Financial Help
    If the financial burden of attending pilot school has you second-guessing yourself, don’t let it. There are grants and scholarships for those who demonstrate financial need or meet specific ...
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  4. 13 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Flight

    Whatever type of travel you're doing, whether business or pleasure, one thing is for sure, the flight process will be stress-inducing. There are some ways to eliminate some stress when flying throughout the process, though. These tips will give you a more enjoyable, relaxing trip and could even save you time and money.
    1. Choose the Seat You Want
    Typically, you can choose the seats you prefer when you're booking your flight. You can also do online check-in before your flight, sometimes ...
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  5. Live Your Best Life in Florida With These Suggestions

    Florida is a state with a lot to offer. From the sprawling beaches to the lush wetlands to the hustle and bustle of the cities, living in the Sunshine State provides endless opportunities for entertainment. While there is plenty to see and do, you also want to make sure your home is a space you feel excited to go back to. Unfortunately, plenty of people look around their homes and realize that some serious improvements need to be made before the space meets their expectations.

    From ...