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  1. 6 Tips To Stay Healthy While Flying

    If you are traveling for work, the trip may be part of the stress. Even if you are taking a vacation for the purpose of relaxation, the trip can be stressful. Stress can affect your immune response, which can put you at risk of contracting infectious diseases. Regardless of your purpose for traveling, sickness can interfere with it. Here are some types to make air travel safer, healthier, and more relaxing.

    1. Decompress Before Getting on the Plane
    Because travel can be stressful, ...
  2. 4 Best Tips for Being a Good Employer Whom Your Team Will Love

    Everyone needs a team that they can depend on. This is true in just about every area of life. When you are in school, you count on your classmates and instructors to help get you to the next level you want to be at. Even at home, the family dynamic acts as a team to make the home operate, and you depend on your family team to make things work.

    This is probably most true at work. You are the manager, who is the one that the entire team comes to for guidance and advice on what to do ...
  3. What Loads Airplanes Can Carry

    How much and what cargo airplanes can carry differs depending on the situation. Many types of planes have certain features that allow them to carry more weight than others. Certain laws have banned specific items from air shipment as well. By considering and measuring these features and keeping legalities in mind, shipping professionals can determine how much and what kind of freight can be carried via the air.

    How Much The Plane Can Carry
    Information on how much the plane ...
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  4. How You Can Get a Better Understanding About the Sales of Plane Tickets

    Many businesses deal with the task of purchasing plane tickets for their employees, customers, or both. Sometimes, the market for air travel is hard to understand from an outsider's point of view. Fortunately, there are a few ways available to help people get a better understanding of how the sales of this type of product can fluctuate over time. Technology now allows the average person to get an understanding of data without needing to go to college for years to learn complicated numerical patterns. ...
  5. A Look Into the Interesting Life of Pilots

    Airline pilots always seem to have a certain air of mystery about them. Regular people might wonder what these highly-trained individuals do in their spare time and even when they are in the cockpit of a plane. They also might wonder about the reasons why a person became a pilot in the first place, and if they love their job or if they find it stressful. Here is a look at some of the things that make airline pilots tick.

    Music Preferences
    The FAA does allow pilots to listen ...