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  1. Protecting Data Security Makes Airports Safer

    In this information age, communication and the sharing of data are constantly improving at a fast rate. This equates to easier everything, most of the time, but nothing is perfect. People and businesses are vulnerable because when everything exists on the same digital grid there is always the chance that private information can be affected. Netizens, companies and institutions that do business online must be wary of all types of malware, designed to do all sorts of nefarious things. Data security ...
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  2. 4 Important Safety Tips For Pilots

    Getting a pilot's license opens you up to many new and exciting adventures. You can take quick trips to a different state with your family. Or, craving a complete change of scenery, you can venture to a neighboring country. As fun as it is to be a pilot, there are also important safety guidelines to follow each time your plane takes off. Check out four important safety tips for pilots.

    1. Perform a Preflight Inspection
    Piloting a plane is very different from driving a car. ...
  3. 4Tips To Stay Healthy While Flying

    Airports and airplanes can be pretty unhealthy places. This isn't new information, it's been known for a very long time.

    Fortunately, there are several common-sense preventative measures you can take to maintain your health. If your future travels are going to take you to the airport, here are a few tips you might want to try.

    Get Plenty of Sleep
    Getting ready for a trip is often hectic. People tend to leave preparations to the last minute resulting in late-night ...