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  1. 5 Things That Pilots Do When They Are Not Flying on Their Time Off

    Being a pilot can be a very tough job for anyone. Of course, flying commercial airplanes has its benefits. You get to see many new places and meet new people. The job can be relaxing, as you're sitting on a comfortable plane enjoying the air conditioning and other accommodations. Not to mention the great salary and benefits. But again, it can prove to be a stressful job as well.

    There is a lot of stress that comes with flying a plane and being responsible for the lives of everyone ...
  2. What Pilots Do During Their Downtime

    Pilots spend countless hours bringing their planes home safely. When a pilot is on active status, they may not see their families for several weeks. The demands and stress involved with air travel can be hectic, but pilots find time to rest and recharge before their next flights. Although few pilots are ready to jump on a plane for their vacation time, most spend their downtime connecting with the people they can’t contact when they’re working. Here are some of the ways pilots spend their time ...
  3. 4 Reasons To Become a Pilot

    How fulfilled are you with your current job? Are you thinking about making a shift in your career path? While coming to this crossroads be exciting, it can also be a little daunting as well because there are so many possibilities and a lot of unknowns. However, narrowing down what you're really interested in doing can help a lot, making your decision for the next step that much easier.
    Thinking outside the box is a great idea here, especially if you're looking for something that will shake ...
  4. 3 Ways Pilots Can Increase Mental and Physical Energy

    Being a pilot allows you to travel and meet new people. It also teaches you about time management, weather patterns and resource management. This extraordinary profession can literally show you the world, but there are also many challenges. Pilots work long hours across multiple time zones. This leads to fatigue of the body and mind. It is extremely important to be sharp and focused at all times when you have people's lives in your hand. An emergency can happen at any moment, so pilots need to be ...
  5. What Pilots Do To Stay Healthy on Long Flights

    One of the most well-respected and admired careers is that of an airline pilot. Pilots live an exciting life jet-setting all over the world at a moment's notice. However, this thrilling job is not without its share of health-related challenges. Being confined to a small cockpit for hours at a time can be tedious, but these professionals have figured out how to make it work. Here are six things that airline pilots do to stay healthy on long flights.

    Stretch Their Legs
    The last ...
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