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  1. New Plane, New City: Cessna 172, Austin, Texas

    In January 1990, I earned my private license. The flight school in San Marcos had closed, so I had been forced to finish in Austin. It was different, with a control tower and commercial flights landing on the parallel runway, but it was closer to home. About two weeks after my private pilot checkride, I rented a Cessna 172 and got checked out. This is a recreation of that flight.

    This was not my first flight in the FSX Cessna 172. I have flown it at home with my CH Products yoke, and ...
  2. Cross-Country: San Marcos to Hearne, Texas

    Instead of recreating all the touch-and-go's and staying in the local area, I have decided to skip ahead to my first cross-country flight. I start in San Marcos on runway 35 with the engine running. The Flight Planner has told me to fly a heading of 042 degrees, so off I go. I find it hard to maintain my desired altitude of 2500 feet and the heading at the same time, but eventually it settles down.

    I find myself flying through the Austin Bergstrom airspace, which was not an issue in ...
  3. 1st Night Recreation

    Even though it is broad daylight, I am taking a night flight in San Marcos in the Cessna 150. I change the settings appropriately, and soon I am on the runway and ready to roll. I have done night flight on the various simulator platforms, but not very often. I take a turn around the pattern, and everything goes reasonably well. It is still not natural to change the view instead of turning my head to look out the window, especially when turning from downwind to base, and base to final. After a somewhat ...
  4. 1st Flight/ 1st Recreation

    First Recreation
    C150 SX-BDG (FSX)
    From: KHYI (San Marcos, Texas)
    To: Local
    Landings: 1
    SEL: 0.6 hours

    First Flight
    September 9, 1988
    C152 N67892
    From: T98 (San Marcos, Texas)
    To: Local
    Landings: 1
    SEL (Single Engine Land): 0.8 hours
    Remarks: Intro to aircraft, climbs, straight and level, descents, turns
    Dual: 0.8 hours
    Total: 0.8 hours

    I am once ...
  5. Logbook/ Virtual Logbook

    Pro-Log: I have always been fascinated by flight. As a kid, I made plastic models from kits and hung them from my ceiling. I flew balsa wood gliders and the ungainly rubber-band-powered prop planes. I read books about pilots and planes, and even cut out pictures from magazines. However, I never had the opportunity to even touch a real airplane until I was almost 19, and flew my first commercial flight from Houston to San Antonio for basic training in the Air Force. My face was plastered to the little ...
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