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  1. PA32 XC: Illinois to Washington

    In 1996 I bought a Piper Saratoga (PA-32-301) through an aircraft broker. He flew it from the east coast to Illinois. I flew it from Illinois to Washington. This is a recreation of that flight. Although my plane was a fixed gear Saratoga, the best virtual approximation I have found is a Cherokee Six (PA-32-300). They are almost the same, and I even had more than one controller call me “Cherokee” instead of “Saratoga”.

    Aurora, Illinois to Sandwich, Illinois: I depart Aurora for Sandwich, ...

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  2. Cherokee XC: Texas to Washington (Day 3)

    Harris Ranch to Red Bluff: I start on the narrow runway, with both wings of the Cherokee extending beyond the pavement. I am already pointing in the direction of my route, so I take off and climb straight ahead. I stay below 3000 feet, as there is no dangerous terrain along the flightpath. The scenery is nice, with lots of green. I crank up the sim rate to 8x and speed through California, trying to maintain a straight line. I bust through the Sacramento airspace, with hardly time to look out the ...
  3. Cherokee XC: Texas to Washington (Day 2)

    El Paso to Blythe: Unlike the real flight, a week has passed between legs. I ask myself why I need to continue, just to prove that I can follow a course and sit for hours? I decide that, like the touch-n-go’s, this is a part of the logbook recreation, but it doesn’t have to be 100 per cent realistic. So I start on the runway at El Paso International and take off to the west. It is a long ground roll at the 4500 ft. elevation, and the Franklin Mountains are in my departure path, but I clear them ...
  4. Cherokee XC: Texas to Washington (Day 1)

    I flew my Cherokee 140 from Texas to Washington in 1993 over a four day period. This is a recreation of that flight.

    Leander to Burnet: Before the long trip, I had the plane inspected by a mechanic. His shop was at Pegasus Place, a grass field in Leander, Texas. For a realistic recreation, I set the time and season to a March morning and adjust the fuel and payload to minimums for the soft field take-off. The wheels are off before the end of the runway, and I turn to the northwest ...
  5. Grob109 Motoglider Dead Stick Landing

    In all the aircraft I flew, I practiced engine-out procedures. The Grob 109 is the only one I actually flew to a landing with no engine. Of course, it was designed to be able to do so, and that was part of my training for the glider rating.

    This time, for recreating the flight, I remember to use the Logitech joystick instead of the CH yoke. I also set the season and weather to summer with scattered clouds and slight wind in the hope of finding some lift. On the runway at Georgetown, ...
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