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  1. Final Flights

    Well, I think I have almost exhausted the recreation of my flying days. There are still a few flights I did not re-fly, and there are a few planes I did not revisit (including retractable versions of the Saratoga and Cherokee 180.) I may still fly those flights on the computer, but I will not blog them. I have decided to wrap this up by recreating my final flights in the planes I flew the most.

    Cessna 150/152: This was the first plane I flew, but I realize I do not have one for FS2004. ...
  2. Grob109 Motoglider Dead Stick Landing

    In all the aircraft I flew, I practiced engine-out procedures. The Grob 109 is the only one I actually flew to a landing with no engine. Of course, it was designed to be able to do so, and that was part of my training for the glider rating.

    This time, for recreating the flight, I remember to use the Logitech joystick instead of the CH yoke. I also set the season and weather to summer with scattered clouds and slight wind in the hope of finding some lift. On the runway at Georgetown, ...
  3. Grob109 Motoglider

    This was probably my favorite airplane to fly. Turning off the engine after climbing to altitude is a real thrill. I found a file for FS2004 from a site in England and installed it on my “new” refurbished computer.

    I start on the ground in Georgetown, Texas (KGTU). While not the most beautiful plane of all, the Grob 109B has a certain look, with the long, long wings and tiny tailwheel. The cockpit looks familiar and functional. I start down the runway, and there is no dancing ...

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