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  1. bushp04's Avatar
    Good read! I enjoyed. You overflew parts of what used to be in my sales district, so that's what first caught my eye.
    Thanks for the post.

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  2. MAD1's Avatar
    Interesting series of posts in this blog. Am having similar experiences in a more newbie status, also using the default Cessna 172. Used the autopilot for the first time today, boy, that certainly made flying a lot easier, what with setting the heading and altitude holds.
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  4. Dominick Hughes's Avatar
    Thank you so much for sharing. It's very helpful to me.
  5. fsxsuperfan's Avatar
    I love simming in FLA so many airports great for take offs and touch and goes. The west flight to the gulf is pretty boring but the west coast also has many practice locations as well. Im looking forward to the new MS 2020 sure it will be a huge improvement. Like you I just retired my old windows7 pc after 9yrs of siming the old FSX for a new gaming PC. Glad and relived the new sim is a digital format much better? we'll see. Congrats on your retirement and enjoy your rediscovered love of siming.
  6. kaleanna's Avatar
    I hope there are more articles and more information, very good information to share with me run 3
  7. SimPilot/Astro Joe Armstr's Avatar
    Hey Buddy, I was in the same situation, I had to get a new PC laptop, and had to re-install my FSX Deluxe Edition in my new laptop, I had to go and add drivers and all to my windows 10 laptop, it took a while; after the software in stalled into the computer, I was flying again, I was afraid that I have forgot everything, especially the landing, but I done pretty good in landing; what I do hate about it I have to start over with my flight time, I had, over 500 hours and the awards that I received on my old computer. I love flying on my computer, jumping into different airplanes and just taking off. I love the Flight Simulator X and cant wait until the new one comes out. So, keep on flying and get back into it like I did. Oh, for awhile I flew on my iPad, but to me it wasn't the same as flying on the computer its more challenging.
    happy flying and God's speed

    your fellow Sim Pilot
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  9. Tariq.Hossenbux's Avatar
    Described just like someone who was really there.
  10. snowlion's Avatar
    I downloaded INFINITE FLIGHT. it seems to be realistic, but scenery is not like FSX.
  11. bugout's Avatar
    C172 is an airplane I really love. I am not surprised so many flight schools use this as a trainer. It is a really nice friend to fly together.
  12. Nels_Anderson's Avatar
    Nice to see someone using our blog feature as it's meant to be used :-)