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    I bought a fast computer, comes with windows 10. However, unable to install FSX Deluxe Edition.....Any ideas? I have invested a nuch of money on add-ons (aircrafts). Thanls in advance
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    I have upgraded to Windows 10 and apart from FS9 all went reasonably well although the display is very wishy washy and weak. However, I have now spent about 18 hours trying to get to the bottom of why FS9 will not work. I have even been in touch direct with Microsoft who said, believe it or not, that the developer of FS9 has to alter the programme to suit Windows 10!! I nearly fell off my chair when I heard that. Clearly some people make FS9 work in W10 but I cannot get past the splash screen and helpers mention drivers and video cards which mean absolutely nothing to me. If anybody can suggest a course of action for me in terms for a non-techie it would be appreciated otherwise it looks like its back to Windows 7.
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    I' running 2002 on windows 10 works fine. had a recent problem getting scenery.cfg error on start of the sim. looks like might have been a gooble chrome prob. reinstalled Chrome and all okay.
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    I have used both Century of Flight 2004, and FSX. I always seem to prefer and go back to Century of Flight because I think the controls offer a better flying experience. I have loaded WIN 10 on my FlightSim computer a couple of times and then restored WIN 8.1 because FS 2004 wouldn't work period! It runs fine on 8.1. I have read where 2004 is compatible with WIN 10 but the technical changes from 8.1 to 10 relative to Century of Flight, are impossible to come by (so-far for me anyway?). Has anyone else had experience (successful) with the Century of Flight/WIN 10 upgrade, thanks in advance.
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    If there is a hardware difference required by one sim over another, may I ask you to back off a notch and suggest a real build? In some detail? Please?
    Few among us can afford the latest 128 bit Amiga!
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    Thanks for the comment. I have started my cockpit build, well sort of, I got a builder coming in 2 weeks to start building the room in the garage. I was going to build it myself until I found out that I needed a building consent for it, so it left me little option to get a builder in. I have some 737 parts arriving anytime now to add to the growing pile that are in the spare bedroom. Fantastic you are considering a build as well. My partner and I are looking at heading to the states for a holiday next year, and I am going to make so I can attend next years convention, which I am looking forward to. Fantastic you are getting 4 hours in a sim, time will fly by and you will have a blast I am sure.
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    Darryl, I loved reading your blog, and yes some of us do read the blogs on the website. Especially since I plan on traversing the same route in a couple of years once I finish my C172 simulator currently in progress. I have flown several 737 simulators around the world and I am very interested in building my own someday. I have not revealed this to my wife of 32 years but I am pretty sure she knows my ambitions. After all I just spent a little bit of money traveling to the Flightsimcon 2015 conference in Hartford CT with a connecting trip to Toronto Canada to fly a 737 simulator at Threshold aviation for four hours. I am planning on possibly making flight simulator flying a business here in Arizona since we have a huge aviation base and was one of the only places other than Reno to have our own air races.