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  1. Ask for help topic

    Here is a triangle, such as △ABC,∠ B as supporting an object's former vertices,
    Its weight is:Gn,objects behind the fulcrum weight is: Gm,Is the total weight: Ge,As shown in figure.
    The graph of the symbol definition is:d=AC,AB=c,AC=b,BC=a,AL=x,OL=y,
    The problems need to be solved as follows:

    1.When the object's centerline is horizontal reference line (green line) above,also is h1>h2,θis positive ...
  2. I want to win friends help---Ask about Center of Gravity solutions.

    Please help me to solve this problem, it needs to calculate aircraft's centre of gravity, as follows:
    1.Weight and the ARM:
    (1) Front wheel weight: 600kg,to Datum distance:372mm,
    (2) Main wheel(Wl+Wr) weight:1400kg,to Datum distance:2200mm,Wing frontier to the Datum distance:1963mm,
    (3) Total weight: 2000kg,

    2.I need to calculate the following results:
    (1) The aircraft was in a horizontal status of longitudinal CG position, vertical CG position. ...