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  1. Msfs 2020

    So, I've been away from the flight simming universe for a few years, mainly boredom and thinking it was just the same code re-worked with different textures and lighting effects. The last Sim I truly used in anger was X-Plane 10. Better than FSX or P3D physics wise, but not quite graphics wise, but X-Plane 10 lacked the content, and the content that you could get was little better than freeware and that the Earth looked, well, barren. There was also the fact that developers on all 3 sims were just ...
  2. Water?

    There is something that is happening to our beloved flight sim that is nagging me. Yea, we have the usual releases of scenery and aircraft and such but, the one thing that is taking off (pardon the pun) is Watercraft. Are we all changing from a bunch of virtual aeronaunts to a bunch of virtual aquanauts Deltasim , , is one company making virtual ships and boats Why, for the love of God, why?