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    I am sorry that you received this sort of E-mail from some-one out there. As a feverent supporter of all freeware and a senior member of a flightsim group, I find this type of letter to be scandalous and unsupportable, if it was not for the availability of mostly freewar:- aircraft/scenery/terrain/textures/mesh/repaints and so forth, then most of the flightsim community would not be able to function or fly. I will bet that if most of the flightsim community looked into their libraries, they would find in excess of 60% as freeware in their systems. Yes, we all know as soon as a good payware aircraft comes along, within 24-48hrs the repaints follow, and does this not increase the fleet of various airlines in our systems. A site like this is very heavily reliant on the amount of uploads that come into the various libraries and also on the amount of downloads that take place on a daily occurrence, but this can only happen if there is a good network of people who furnish their time freely doing so to make such uploads for all. If it were not for these type of library websites then I am afraid a lot of flightsimmers would pack it in and not fly. Keep up the good work that you do here at Flightsim and keep us flying.
    Yours truely
    Myk Varker
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    Re pictures, it's the new album capability here at Uploads are hosted by the site but to my knowledge you can't have two sizes of image, small versus full-screen. You can only have small, to a maximum size of 600x600 pixels. Maybe this is a nit.

    Re the tractor, presumably it had to race itself ... which reminds me ...

    Another joke out of Russia from my high school years was, "Yesterday an international automobile race was held. The Russian car came in second while the American car came in next to last", the joke being that it was a two-car race, and that the American car had won.
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    Yes, that is a genuine restored steam tractor. I asked one of the Collings folks about it and apparently the type of boiler it has cannot legally be steamed up in Massachusetts, however they did have it running on compressed air.

    Not sure I understand the comments about the pictures. The photos are hosted on the server, but are not actually part of that web site. Given that I take lots of photos and have to post them somewhere on all the servers I have available to me, that just happens to be where those are hosted.
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    OMG -- no, strike that -- I'll be hornswoggled, a steam tractor! Presumably it actually runs? Presumably it's authentic?

    But why do they (the Train-Sim members) get to have thumbnails plus full size while we (FlightSim members) are restricted to 600x600? (If that's what the numbers are.)
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