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  1. Flying Computers

    In the U.S. a pilot's license is good forever but to actually be able to use it there are various additional requirements, one of which is a flight review every two years where you go out with an instructor and demonstrate that you still know what you're doing with an airplane. My review was due this month and given that I had not flown all that much over the past year I asked to do a more thorough review than the regulations require.

    Today we were scheduled for the second flight ...
  2. Visit From An Old Flightsim Friend

    Most of us get to know a variety of people through flightsimming. We've had many people come and go during all the years we've been running FlightSim.Com. Back around 1999 to 2001 a fellow named Bruno Barreiros was part of the team here, helping us with the news that we published.

    Just recently, Bruno reconnected with us and he's certainly moved up in the aviation world! Instead of just simming on the computer, Bruno now drives real A320's and A340's around the sky for a Portuguese ...
  3. File Names

    I wonder why people are so reluctant to use file names?

    I run into this quite frequently in my role as file librarian. Someone will ask for some change or other and tell me to do it to "their file" or some such vague description. Or they will tell me the FID number, which is not very useful; check our search pages and you'll see there is no way to search on FID. Or they'll give me the URL of a search result they did; again not useful since that search result only works for ...
  4. Tony Radmilovich

    I truly like to think of the flightsim hobby as a community, people who work with each other to make things better, at least within the hobby itself and who are willing to help each other when necessary. Help usually means tips on tweaking FSX, inside info on an aircraft.cfg setting, ideas on new scenery or aircraft liveries, etc. but sometimes it extends into the real world. This is one of those cases.

    Tony Radmilovich has been around the flightsim hobby for as long as I can remember. ...
  5. Back To Basics Fly-In

    I've been to many air shows and other aviation events over the years. Frankly, I got a bit tired of the "big" shows as they have in recent years become too commercialized...VIP seating, loud music, announcers who just won't shut up (I want to hear airplane noise!), etc. Shows in the past that were more about the planes were more fun.

    So, I generally only go to smaller events, the kind of ...
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