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    They were quite small. What I meant was not many people would have enough interest in the space program to remember it to that level of detail whether they lived during those days or have studied the history since, since what I was talking about was something that never went into actual use.
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    I'm surprised how small it is.

    And what does
    If you have a really good memory of the program
    mean? Is this a place of sexagenarians?
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    Wow! And only $65,000.00 too! Whatta bahgain!
    Still and awesome sight at a small airport Very very cool! Wish I could afford the Apollo capsule. What a rush to b in! Especially if you can find a real/authentic suit to wear. Too bad they were/are all custom made just for the user...

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    Thanks Nels.
    Happy to share the experience with other fellows.
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    Thank you so much Nels. I hope this will help out, at least a small bit, for Tony. Nothing will help the physical pain nor the day-to-day strain but if he can at least pay to keep the lights on that will be something!
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    Thanks! Enjoyed the pics. Sounds like a fun laid-back day.
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    No, not a Yak-52. You're probably looking at the SNJ.
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    More photos here for those who cannot get enough :-)
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    Because some of us fly real aircraft too.
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    Great photos, I really like airshows (they arent frequent here but qhen they happen I spend the whole time there!).
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    Why not?
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    Why on Flight Sim??
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    Well yes, I went to the USAF museum article on that is still on our home page and in the features section.
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    Here I thought you went to Dayton to see the USAF Measume! That's why I go to Dayton
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nels_Anderson
    Ah, someone who knows why I was in Dayton :-) See anything interesting? Well, yes you could say that...two days isn't enough to see everything. Not usually connected to Echolink but I'm regularly monitoring repeaters on the IRLP 9125 reflector. 73 de K1UR
    Happy Dxing from G7USL
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    Really a shame to have to miss scenery like that!
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    I too hate the pulled down shades. Long haul is even worse. On a London to Sydney recently they shut all the shades to 'trick' us into sleeping during the 'night'. We were flying at 360 over the Caspian Sea and the Himalayas in broad daylight! The view would have being fantastic but no go.
    Equally frustrating was a San Francisco to London (over the high Arctic) at night. The northern lights would have be wonderfull except I was in a center seat.
    More Tail Cams (ala the A380) please.
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