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  1. You Never Know What You'll See At Your Local Airport

    Smaller airports can be fun to visit as you never know what will fly in. My local airport has a weekly drive-in / fly-in event once a week during the summer so it gets lots of cool cars as well as some fly-ins. You might see an ultralight or an old Cub fly in, or one week it was a Lake Amphibian. When I drove in for this week's event, though, something quite unusual had arrived:

    It looked like ...
  2. Back To Basics Fly-In

    I've been to many air shows and other aviation events over the years. Frankly, I got a bit tired of the "big" shows as they have in recent years become too commercialized...VIP seating, loud music, announcers who just won't shut up (I want to hear airplane noise!), etc. Shows in the past that were more about the planes were more fun.

    So, I generally only go to smaller events, the kind of ...