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  1. gmurray56's Avatar
    From your description it is easy to see how someone can forget they are "flying" instead of shooting a movie and wander into prohibited airspace.
  2. napamule2's Avatar
    Isn't it tied down backwards? The aerodynamics of the bottom of the capsule must result in a 'wagging' trailer, I would imagine. But I could be wrong. Maybe the way he has it tied down is correct? Of course, at higher speeds the truck would 'part' the air and there might not be any problem. (Dynamics, always dynamics - hehe).
  3. Delta249er's Avatar
    I think I was related to someone with the same thing.
  4. Delta249er's Avatar
    Nice aircraft.
  5. gmurray56's Avatar
    I am glad to see other real pilots like to fly the computer, too. My biennial is 12 years past due, but I have done about 50 landings in a Redbird FMX this summer. (I was an instructor at an aviation-themed summer camp, but that's a whole 'nother story.) Flying is flying, even if you're on the ground.
  6. Mazix33's Avatar
    Really good , i come to your site very interesting information
  7. Cwhitt1's Avatar
    That was the program I worked on at the Cape in the mid-sixties. I was a maintenance tech on the midnight shift. And yes, the capsule was very cramped. Somewhere I have a photo of Gus Grissom sitting in one of these -- bobbing around in the Gulf. The silly caption at the bottom read, "Can I go around again for another quarter?" Chuck Whittington
  8. Nels_Anderson's Avatar
    They were quite small. What I meant was not many people would have enough interest in the space program to remember it to that level of detail whether they lived during those days or have studied the history since, since what I was talking about was something that never went into actual use.
  9. RatRace's Avatar
    I'm surprised how small it is.

    And what does
    If you have a really good memory of the program
    mean? Is this a place of sexagenarians?
  10. PhantomTweak's Avatar
    Wow! And only $65,000.00 too! Whatta bahgain!
    Still and awesome sight at a small airport Very very cool! Wish I could afford the Apollo capsule. What a rush to b in! Especially if you can find a real/authentic suit to wear. Too bad they were/are all custom made just for the user...

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  12. bbarreiros's Avatar
    Thanks Nels.
    Happy to share the experience with other fellows.
  13. fatcharlie's Avatar
  14. swanny's Avatar
    Thank you so much Nels. I hope this will help out, at least a small bit, for Tony. Nothing will help the physical pain nor the day-to-day strain but if he can at least pay to keep the lights on that will be something!
  15. William K's Avatar
    Thanks! Enjoyed the pics. Sounds like a fun laid-back day.
  16. Nels_Anderson's Avatar
    No, not a Yak-52. You're probably looking at the SNJ.
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  18. Nels_Anderson's Avatar
    More photos here for those who cannot get enough :-)
  19. bawingi's Avatar
    Because some of us fly real aircraft too.
  20. Adam24's Avatar
    Great photos, I really like airshows (they arent frequent here but qhen they happen I spend the whole time there!).
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