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  1. snacey's Avatar
    Nels, I agree with everyone's comments that this is a great but sad story. I believe that the world will right itself again and, perhaps, those opportunities will present themselves.
  2. vipar's Avatar
    Winter for aviation has been replaced by a period of quarantine. Now all civil aviation has stopped. There are no passenger traffic. But it's a good time to think what to do next.
  3. Nels_Anderson's Avatar
    I flew sims before the real thing that was a long time ago! I'm active with my local EAA chapter so I hope other flying opportunities will present themselves once the world returns to normal again.
  4. gmurray56's Avatar
    Hey, Nels, I feel your pain. I hope you get the chance to keep flying, even if renting. I flew the computer before I ever flew a real plane. (I couldn't land the computer consistently until after learning to for real.) Now, the virtual world is the only place I fly. Thanks for your dedication to this site. Maybe a future Capt. Sully or Maverick will get started here.
  5. jetdogy's Avatar
    I hope you keep in touch with the new owner I would. I'm so sentimental
  6. FLYBYKNIGHT's Avatar
    I know your pain...had to give up my Cessna 152 in 2010. I could no longer afford to maintain it! PAINFUL!
  7. sarahrodriguez's Avatar
    very sad!
  8. sarahrodriguez's Avatar
    like this
  9. CRJ_simpilot's Avatar
    Sorry for that loss. Flying sure is expensive and what not.
  10. pzl 104's Avatar
    What a great, although sad story. Don't want to imagine how you are feeling after selling an airplane you've owned that long and after so many memorable flights!
    Thanx for sharing
  11. jasondial's Avatar
    @theorenato There's nothing about this article that would lead any reasonable person to believe Nels has "NEVER" flown a plane. Much less to lead anyone to "really believe" so. Your comment is so wierd. Btw, flight simming is better than real flying because flight simming has never orphaned anyone.
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  12. Nels_Anderson's Avatar
    You would be wrong then. That's my plane and I have nearly 1500 hours flying it. I love real world flying too, but sometimes the details involved in getting into the air are not so fun!
  13. theorenato's Avatar
    I really believe that this guy NEVER flown an airplane. I'm simmer. But I know what means a real fly. Actually I love to fly a glider. I love to fly an ultralight. FSX and others ara a marvelous world.I agree. But we cannot compare with the real fly. Bye.
  14. gmurray56's Avatar
    From your description it is easy to see how someone can forget they are "flying" instead of shooting a movie and wander into prohibited airspace.
  15. napamule2's Avatar
    Isn't it tied down backwards? The aerodynamics of the bottom of the capsule must result in a 'wagging' trailer, I would imagine. But I could be wrong. Maybe the way he has it tied down is correct? Of course, at higher speeds the truck would 'part' the air and there might not be any problem. (Dynamics, always dynamics - hehe).
  16. Delta249er's Avatar
    I think I was related to someone with the same thing.
  17. Delta249er's Avatar
    Nice aircraft.
  18. gmurray56's Avatar
    I am glad to see other real pilots like to fly the computer, too. My biennial is 12 years past due, but I have done about 50 landings in a Redbird FMX this summer. (I was an instructor at an aviation-themed summer camp, but that's a whole 'nother story.) Flying is flying, even if you're on the ground.
  19. Mazix33's Avatar
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  20. Cwhitt1's Avatar
    That was the program I worked on at the Cape in the mid-sixties. I was a maintenance tech on the midnight shift. And yes, the capsule was very cramped. Somewhere I have a photo of Gus Grissom sitting in one of these -- bobbing around in the Gulf. The silly caption at the bottom read, "Can I go around again for another quarter?" Chuck Whittington
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