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Views From The Canyon

Observation, Commentary, and Informational Content - usually FS related

  1. Rejected Takeoff


    The fringes of the hurricane from Florida spun across the mid-south last Monday, drenching us at evening rush hour. About 5 minutes after I got home and fired up the box to check e-mail, a near-by transformer went sizzle-pop and the prospects of an unpowered evening flashed across my brain as everything went quiet and dark.

    Adapted to the loss with a 90-second walk across the street to my son's home where we had dinner and watched about half of the Battlestar ...
  2. First View


    First acknowledgement: Thanks to xxmikexx for the blog location; I'd been looking for it just a few days before...

    In the last few days I've finally gotten around to doing a couple things that were on my FSX "to do" list: downloaded and ran benchmarking flights and spent two evenings getting Tile Proxy running.

    Benchmark: first off, I was curious how my stock 2-core E8400 would compare to the 4-core Q6600 (to start with) and others' ...