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    • Great shot of an often overlooked classic. Parked a T-28 next to a row of Tweets at Reese AFB during a XC flight. The size difference was quite striking.  
    • I would like to soar around for a bit but there are no thermals. Clouds are there but no thermals. I tried switching to summer, tried changing preset but nothing works. Is there any other way to do it or are there any addons that add this feature ? I will be really glad for any help!
    • Question: The screenshots showing Farnborough I guess, what scenery you are using?   Thanks, great stuff you're sharing here.   Michael
    • Your MS Store may have stopped working because your credentials cannot be verified.These "credentials" are your digital proof of ownership files and they are checked every time you launch MSFS. They can become corrupted after a CTD for example, but they're fairly easy to re-set.First of all, log out of your Microsoft Store account and your Xbox App account.Then, in the search window on the taskbar, type credential manager.In the Credential manager window, under Manage your credentials, select Windows Credentials on the lower right.There'll be quite a list of entries, and most of them will begin with "XblGrts". These are your MSFS credentials.Click on each XblGrts entry and select Delete. Don't worry, once you've deleted them all they'll be automatically re-created when you reboot Windows.Once you've rebooted Windows, log back in to Microsoft Store and your Xbox App and the MSFS update should be available to download again.
    • Have you logged out of MS Store, rebooted and tried to go back in?   Sounds crazy, but you may have some corrupted data in the login.  This has worked in the past for me.   Also, remember that there are probably hundreds of thousands people hammering the servers trying to get the update 🙂   As time goes by, the strain the on the servers will lessen.
    • Thanks at all this Forum I have now a fs2004 very OK... re-installed by another fs2004 CD installation,and now is running fast. But I don't know why happened. again thanks for support Andrea  😀  
    • Hello!, Every one I would like to share my SIMPUDATE problem here so may be some body could help me. I never had updating problem before since I installed very first time. I installed STEAM for some games that my grand son wanted to play about two months ago. Then yesterday when I started FS2020 the window come as normal for initial download for main UPDATE and at the very same time the STEAM window came as well asking to enter password for it, when password entered id did not work - the flight sim window shows error. I new it would not work because my MSFS2020 version is NOT either from STEAM or from MS STORE - it is DVD BOXED VERSION then I removed STEAM from my PC and tried to log in to MS STORE to SING OUT THEN AGAIN SIGN IN but no luck I signed out but can not sign in again and MS STORE is also messed up now and now it takes ages to load and it does not show my installed games or any APPs I had. So please if some body have any tips to help me please do. Thanks.
    • Thank you  ,but now is ok !
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