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Virtual Carrier Airwing Nine Recruiting Pilots


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Why would you want to join vCVW9?* After many years of participating in virtual airlines and virtual Navy and other military groups, I decided to create a little different type of virtual organization.* I hope that you will feel that I have assembled the best of all the other groups into ours here.* That was my goal.


Who are you going to be flying with here?* You will be joining a group of serious flight simmers who want to have fun flying or learning to fly a variety of U.S. Navy aircraft* while observing the proper rules and protocols that the Navy pilots* adhere to.* We are mature individuals who want to enjoy the time they are able to spend on their flight simulator.* Training can be provided in FSX-A Multiplayer, so if you have no experience in Navy aircraft or landing on an aircraft carrier, don't feel you're not welcome to join us.


We fly both freeware and payware aircraft.* If you do not now have or intend to purchase the aircraft that your assigned squadron flies, you can request a different assignment in a freeware a/c squadron.


What type of flying can you expect?* We follow as close as we can the operational procedures of our real-life U.S. Navy counterparts within the limits of Microsoft FSX Acceleration.* We fly on a server from FSX multiplayer so that we can fly in formations or multiple destinations.* We follow proper Carrier procedures at sea and will do* simulated deployments not slew our carrier or the aircraft into the simulator.* Realism is what we are after.* Squadrons fly from their respective bases in CONUS to the carrier to deploy and the carrier sails from homeport to its destinations.*


Lastly, we NEVER compare vCVW9 to any other unit, downgrade or "bad-mouth" any other group.* We are here to have fun while learning how to fly "the Navy Way".*


So if you want to join us, click the link below, fill out and send your Application.*





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