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Alaska Power Project at Return to Misty Moorings


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Alaska Power Project is officially OPEN!


The Alaska Power Project is now ready for download and usage. The location set includes 16 real and proposed hydroelectric plants. Each location has two parts, the upper reservoir area and the lower plant/outfall area. We have placed these exactly where they are already operating or are proposed (under construction). So the realism is true for all of them. Each has a minimum of two and sometimes four helipads at different levels based on the plant's configuration. There are also float plane dock for all of them ant the reservoirs and most at plant level.


There are maintenance dispatches for helicopters and float planes. These guide you to the plants and the surrounding facilities. For float planes, that cannot "tour" the facility at low altitudes, we have incorporated a special "slew/view" tour. You park your float plane at the dock, the go into slew mode to tour the facility. When finished, you put in the ICAO for the plant and it's startup point and use Go To Airport and it puts you exactly where you were when you began your slewing tour, so you can then realistically fly off to the next location. There are also scenic flight tours ... tours at higher levels that would give a tourist a view of the plants from 1200 feet altitude.


You will need the RTMM Libraries (See the Object Library Page). To install, there are two zip folders to download and install. One for the APP facilities (all locations in the same folder), and a second one for the special library objects that are included with the project. Instructions for installation are in the zip folders.


You can find the RTMM Page and a beautiful 2 minute video giving you an overview of the project here:



All locations have their own ICAO code with startup points for easy navigation and for locating the plants on your aircraft's GPS. Just put in the ICAO and follow the GPS to the plant.


This is a "physically correct" scenery. We had to take special care to alter the terrain to support water flowing from the upper reservoir down to the plant sites. So a great deal of "mechanical detail" is built into the design of these.


We hope you enjoy the RTMM FREEware we are offering you. Please drop by our forum and discuss the project or any other RTMM activities.


The RTMM Team


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