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Dassault Mercure electrical fault


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I have recently added a Dassault Mercure to fs2004 and i am finding the electrical fault button does not turn off. When I hover the mouse above it, it says engine fault but both engines are working fine.


The version i have is from Rikoooo simulation, file name dassault_mercure_fs2004 and the Authors are Andreas Jaros, Konstantin Prokopiu, Hiroyuki Toyohara, Paul Golding. http://www.rikoooo.com/en/downloads/viewdownload/22/58



Does anyone have this aircraft and this fault?


Thanks in advance



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I'll try the download and see what happens. Engines running but how about generators or alternators?


UPDATE: I will confirm the electrical fault light is on and also the hydraulic light until the engines go past idle. Did not see anything out of the ordinary in the aircraft.cfg.

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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