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What Monitor Can My System Support?

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Hi: I am in need of a new monitor and I would like to really upgrade if possible...I'm thinking of maybe a 32" monitor (the old eyes are getting weaker!), but I am confused as to what my system will support. I have included a screenshot of my system specifications and would sure appreciate it if some of you would look it over and give me some suggestions...Is using a 32" TV a viable option? Thanks for the assistance...




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--What will what my system support? ---


That's easy to find out, here's how:

Google: GT720

Look for Nvidea.


That finds (first link) this page:



Click on 'specifications' and you will find the maximum supported resolution listed.


If the screen you choose is large, and has a higher native resolution then what is listed as maximum resolution for the videocard, you won't be able to use the screen at it's highest resolution. You can still use it, but only if you set lower resolutions.

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You should be fine with a 24+ 1080p (FullHD) screen at 60Hz.

I guess a TV screen will be fine aswell. It's all up to your budget.

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