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Navigation lights coordinates


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Can someone explain what these navigation light coordinates represent.


light.13 = 2, -28.50, -79.50, 1.90, fx_strobeh ,


I am trying to add a white light to the tail of a Alpha C-141 that I converted to a

civilian cargo aircraft.

I was able to position wing strobes but it took awhile.


Navigation lights would be easier to place if I knew which coordinate represented

up, down, left and right.

Thank you.

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Working from memory here. The first number identifies the type of light (mainly used for which switch activates it); next three are longitudinal, lateral, and vertical coordinates; last parameter is the effects file used for the light. (Get the FS9 aircraft container sdk for more info.)
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The Coordinates denote what type of Light, it's Location, and the Effect to be used.


The following are the Explanations for the Entries in the Aircraft.cfg:




Scroll down to "Datum Reference Point", and the [Lights] Category.


Hope this helps!


Alan :pilot:

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light.13 = 2, -28.50, -79.50, 1.90, fx_strobeh ,


Light.13 says it's the 14th light in the group.(Like Bean says zero is a valid number)


2 is the type of light, navigation, strobe, cockpit VC light etc. 2 is normally a strobe light.


-28.50 is the longitudinal direction from the starting centerpoint or center of gravity.


-79.50 is the lateral direction, like from wingtip to wingtip direction.


1.90 is the vertical or up and down direction.


fx_strobeh is the effect use to make the light work. (Usually stored in your Effects Folder)


Think of your directions as X, Y, and Z axis. I think the numbers represent feet, so -28.50 is 28.5 feet aft of the starting point.

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light.13 = 2, -28.50, -79.50, 1.90, fx_strobeh ,


Light.13 says it's the 13th light in the group.



Technically it is the 14th light.


Computers start counting at zero, not one like us humans do. :D



the Bean

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And just one small note: There are a maximum of 18 lights permitted. Any more than that ignored. So, lights 0-17 are fine, light 18 and up are ignored.

Just a heads-up.



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