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GLIDER 'throttle2spoiler' Programme


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Hi Folks,


Just started gliding on FSX. Lots of fun but approaches are rather unreal because there is no way to incrementally increase the air brakes/spoilers.


It seems there was a program add-on, 'throttle2spoiler', that permitted this but I can find no link to it that remains active.


Can anyone help?


Many thanks.



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I found this in the flightsim.com file library:

Search terms were: throttle spoiler



FS98 - FS98 Aircraft

FS98 PW-5 World Class Competition Sailplane

[ Download | View ]


Name: pw5_10.zip

Size: 333,656 Date: 03-08-1999 Downloads: 2,232


FS98 PW-5 World Class Competition Sailplane. A single place moderate performance all glass epoxy composite sailplane chosen for the single design World Class competition. Design based on N396WC with photo panel and custom gauges. Unique spoiler handle operated by joystick throttle for more realistic control in landings than the default Off-On toggle. By Ed Dumas Sr.



From the FSDeveloper site


I learned the throttle2spoiler gauge is a file:

>> throttle2spoiler.gau

that also uses an .ini file.

>> throttle2spoiler.ini


This addon does not contain those files.

Instead it has a file:


Which I think does pretty much the same thing. (If you get it working, I didn't test it out.)



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I think you might have part of it.


However, from this old installation guide for it I think it there is much more than the gauge.


I have been hunting for this programme for days and the closest I could get was this installation guide below.


Very frustrating :-(





1) Download throttle2spoiler:



2) Extract throttle2spoiler.dll and throttle2spoiler.ini to FSX\Modules folder.


3) Find dll.xml (usually in C:\Documents and Settings\username\Applocation Data\Microsoft\FSX folder). Add a new Launch.Addon section there:










1) Start Flight Simulator X. When your flight loads, select "Map throttle to spoiler" from throttle2spoiler submenu under Addons menu:



You will be asked to move throttle slider to see debug information:



If this message does not disappear as you move the slider, open up throttle2spoler.ini and follow the instructions there to set up the correct slider.



Now move slider fully back and forth. MinValue and MaxValue will then show the range in which your joystick outputs the position of the slider:




2) Open throttle2spoiler.ini and write values of MinValue and MaxValue to the configuration file. You'll also find other settings in that file.


3) Set debug to 0 once you've written down the values.


4) Set reversed to 1 if you wish to reverse the direction of slider.


Last edited: 2 Mar 2008

Paavo, 2 Mar 2008

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Thank you Mark - I presume that would work on an Extreme 3D Pro?


Yes, I don't see why not. I have the 3D pro and it's got a throttle slider. Just a thought, BTW - have a look over in the Aerosoft forums for the throttle-to-spoiler thing. I have a notion I have seen it posted or talked about there, a long time ago.



This post points out that you have an analogue spoiler control available in plain old FSX (i.e. no FSUIPC required), so for gliders you are all set!




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