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Keukenhof Airways HIRING STAFF!!!

Keukenhof Airways

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Keukenhof Airways is a new and exciting Virtual Airline that focuses primarily on economical travel. Based out of Schiphol Airport we fly to a variety of destinations. Why not be a part of our journey...


Keukenhof Airways is in the beginning stages of development and we are currently looking for staff. To apply for a staff position the only rule is that you do not currently hold a staff position at another VA. We ask that you approach us via e-mail: keukenhofairways@gmail.com.


If you wish to approach me directly then please PM me on the forums and I can provide our skype id.


The current Vacancies are:

Director of Media and Marketing

Fleet Manager

Routes Manager

Events Organizer

Human Resources Manager

Hub Manager



All that is required before you are one of the team is a little chat via E-mail etc just so we can explain the positions and see if you still wish to be a part of our fantastic team!


Kind Regards,


David Rooseno

Chief Operations Officer

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