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How to change engines volume


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Hi: I fly the QW 757 and trying to reduce ONLY the engines volume in the cabin so the rest of sounds are heard clearly (dadio, callouts etc,) I have reduce at max the volume on the FSX config. sector or page but with no results. Is there any other way I can do it.

Thanks for any help.


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If the callout sounds react to the same slider as the engines (both engine sounds) you can't fix it with the sliders.

You will have to either make the engine sounds less loud, or make the callout audio files louder.


I use the free program Audacity to edit sounds. Works real easy, with many options.

I think you can simply open a audio file and adjust the its's volume.

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From the QW forum:

Quote: '...discovered where the sound was coming from....the STBY PWR switch was set to AUTO. When I switch it to OFF, it went away.' Hope this helps.

Chuck B

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