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Scenery Add-on and other problems


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Hi all


I had SunSkyjet's Philadelphia airport as the only add-on scenery and it had always worked without a problem until I had to uninstall and re-install FSX. After that it never worked no matter what I did. It just never shows up in the "add-on scenery" in FSX. Then a while back I tried to install another scenery add-on but that didn't show up either. So I said screw it and stopped trying and then deleted the 2 damn things from FSX (or so I thought). The problem now is every time I start FSX I get 2 stupid messages that say " Scenery.CFG file error. Local scenery directory (Add on scenery....) in scenery area 115 -and also 121- not found. I just click ok to continue but it's kind of annoying that I get this every time. So, my question is what do I have to do to get this to stop? Like I said I tried deleting these from FSX. The other question, why aren't these sceneries working? I have no problem using add-on planes.


And one last question if any body cares to answer or knows the answer, why don't any of the 3 FSX dvds (Disc 1,2, and Acceleration) want to work any more when I put them in the PC? I put them in but nothing happens and the thing doesn't even seem to spin. It's a brand new dvd drive. I tried using other games and it worked but not with FSX. The dvds aren't damaged and they used to work fine in the past.


Any help is appreciated.



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FSX is installed and working but I thought maybe I can do a "repair" to get rid of that stupid message and I just wanted to try the new dvd drive that I just bought since I had the same problem with the previous one and the one before not wanting to do anything when I inserted an FSX disc. For some unknown reason FSX discs just don't want to work even though there's nothing physically wrong with them.
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The message isn't stupid, its telling you valuable information, and where to look to address it. It sounds like FSX does know about the scenery and that one of the airports files is in one of your Add-On scenery or World Scenery folders. FSX is telling you that the data has all been deleted, it can't get to it.

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This isn't something you repair with the disk.

You did something wrong when uninstallingt he scenery.


I don't know the scenery you use. I assume the scenery came in a .zip file and you installed it an then activated it in the scenery library.


When uynisnstalling scenery of that type you mus:

1-start fsx, go to scenery library, and uncheck the box for that scenery.

2-then, still inside fsx, in the scenery library, select it and click 'delete scenery' to remove it from the list.

3-close fsx.

4-open folder flight simulator x\scenery.

5-delete the folder with the scenery files in it.


Even after step 1 the scenery will not show up in the game, so you don't need to delete the files if you don't want to. You can just switch the scenery on and of as you like, by checking the box.




Regarding the DVD drive. Check if all cables are firmly connected.


If it'sa an internal DVD drive, Be careful.

Pull the power cord from the wall socket, then press the power switch on the front of the pc a few times, before you open the side of the pc.

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You did not remove it from the scenery library first. So fsx still expects to find it and shows you the message "scenery area missing".


You could fix it by placing back the files.

(then uninstall them correctly next time)





The regions in the scenery library list are stored in a file as well. File: scenery.cfg


There is a program that you can use to fix this. "sceneryconfigeditor". You can find the program in the file library on Flightsim.

I have no experience with the program myself, but I see it recommended often here.

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I think, I can help You.

You have one scenery.cfg in Your Main FSX Folder. This one will corrected, when erasing


But there is automaticly set by the FSX another scenery.cfg file, located in C:/user/xxx/roaming.....

When there is a discrepancy between the two files, You have the message, You reported.


Copy the FSX scenery.cfg file to overwrite the second one, and everything is ok.


I have a Prepar3D Sim, but is based on FSX. So I think, it is the same procedure.

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Thank you all for your replies and the instructions. Much appreciated. I'm not that good when it comes to all this stuff (CFG files and editing....). I've never had any problems adding or deleting planes. Apparently deleting add-on sceneries isn't as easy. I can't remember exactly how I deleted the 2 sceneries but I probably deleted everything with their names I could find.

Anyway, while looking at the "Scenery Library" in FSX settings I saw "Add on Scenery" under "Available scenery areas" and I unchecked the box next to it and started FSX and the 2 messages are gone. Simple enough but then it's been over a year since I last tried messing with the add-on scenery and I can't remember much. However I realize some files are still missing which is causing these messages to pop up but I couldn't figure out how to fix that.

Now, I still don't understand why sunskyjet KPHL add-on -or the other scenery I tried- didn't want to work. Like I said, when I first downloaded and installed it over a year ago it worked perfectly but after I did a reinstall of FSX it just didn't want to work. I just downloaded and installed it again for like the 100th time and it shows up under "available scenery" and the box next to it is checked but it DOESN'T show in the add-on scenery when I click "search add-on scenery"/ search airport and it's really pissing me off.

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Well, that's normal.

Let's say you add a addon scenery for KJFK.

You put that scenery in the "Addon Scenery" folder.

Then you start fsx and activate the scenery in the library.


That''s all you need to do.

You then just go to "Select Airport" and choose KJFK, and now you will see the addon instead of the default scenery.


Do not put the check mark in the box for "search addon scenery" first.

That box is only for scenery's that are for way before fsx. (When using FS8 scenery's in fsx or something.) Don't check that box, just go to the airport.




The other thing is, if you put the addon aitport in the folder "\Addon Scenery\scenery\" it will show up automatically.


You only need to activate it in the library if it is in "..\Addon Scenery\ItsOwnFolder".



If the scenery was put in "..\Addon Scenery\ItsOwnFolder\" It needs to be activated

And it also needs to be deactivated before you remove the folder again from "..\Addon Scenery"


And when it is activated it will be listed in the scenery.cfg file (in Appdata.)



At the moment your scenery.cfg file in "..\Appdata" contains:

A- Your default scenery,

B- Your addon scenery's that are still installed correctly,

C- The Addon scenery's of which you deleted the files.


What I think is a way to fix this:


You need to use the scenery.cfg editor (SceneryConfigEditor.exe, from the flightsim.com file library)

And edit the file and remove:

C- The Addon scenery's of which you deleted the files.



The other way would be to grab the default scenery.cfg file from the FSX folder. As explained above,

And then place that in ..\Appdata.

That contains only:

A- Your default scenery.


So you will have to add your addon cscenery's again using the scenery library.

(The files are already installed, but you need to make fsx aware of them again.)




Again, I never tried either method, so look this up a bit and check to see if I'm correct first.

Also, make a backup of the scenery.cfg in Appdata. (Just rename to "scenery-old.cfg.bak". The -old is so it's clear what file it is and .bak disables a file.)


As far as I know SceneryConfigEditor.exe is a very intuitive program, that looks in the file scenery.cfg and in the "..\Addon Scenery" folder. Then lists all scenery's. Then Highlights the ones that are not there. And has a 'delete' button to delete the entry's that are incorrect.


Again, make a backup first!

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Thanks for all that, il88pp. I actually tried unchecking the box (next to the KPHL add on scenery) before I posted here. That didn't do nothing. No matter what the hell I do the scenery just doesn't work. I'm sure there's something wrong elsewhere. This shouldn't be hard. Like I said, when I first tried this scenery a year and half ago it worked without any problems. It was as simple as 1-2- 3. I don't know what the hell is wrong with it now.


This is what I did : Downloaded and opened the Sunskyjet KPHL. It installs in FSX directory (also tried installing it directly into "addon scenery". I start FSX - clicked on settings - scenery library - clicked on "add area" - double clicked on "addon scenery", which will show the Sunskyjet KHPL folder along with a couple of other folders (texture folder and something else). I click on the KPHL which is then highlighted... I click anywhere in the white area then ok. FSX starts loading the scenery and then the KPHL shows in the "addon scenery" but it never shows in the box (addon airports). It's like it doesn't exist. This should be a straight forward procedure. I've read the steps in the manual and even watched the video on youtube just to make sure and they both show I was doing everything correctly but no, the god damn thing still doesn't even show. So frustrating.

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What is the Addon airports box? Are you getting at least this far in adding the scenery where you click OK and the scenery builds?


If you mean the airports list, like Bean says, go to KPHL and see if the scenery is there. There are no airline gates, just military Ramp and GA cargo ramps.


Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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Assuming you are using Win7. There is a problem in Win7 that requires adding scenery to be done in a particular way. Follow the link for step by step instructions and pictures.



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Again, don't put the check mark in "search addon scenery" box.

Leave it in "search default scenery" box.


(Yes, it is an addon. But it now replaces the default. Because it is active in the library.)






Finally the add-on scenery is working. What I did is i tried what il88pp said to do (uncheck the search add-on scenery...). The thing is all that time I'd been looking for 'Sunskyjet KPHL' in FSX 'Select Airport' screen but all I could see was what I thought was the original FSX airport (NO Sunskyjet anywhere in the list of airports). See, I could swear when I first had this add-on installed on my PC long time ago I had the 'search add on scenery' box checked and then the 'Sunskyjet' name would show in the big box above and then I'd click on it and start the game. That's what I remember. This is what I was expecting all this time and it never occured to me to try and pick the Philadelphia Intl and actually start the game until yesterday when I decided to start the game after I'd selected the KPHL that was listed. Again, up to that moment I was expecting to see the original KPHL. Well, once the game started it took me a while to realize I was looking at the add-on airport :)

I don't know why things are different than they were in the past but all I care about is the scenery is finally working.

Thank you il88pp and of course thank you to all who replied and helped. Much appreciated.

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