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VERY nice Gary!! :cool::eek::eek: Btw, I installed the 3 freeware Yemen meshfiles, beautiful desert sceney. Thanks very much for these great textures, just downloaded them.


Thanks Peer01! I thought the raised rivets and screwheads that I added were hard to do but let me tell ya... lining up the seams on that camo was wicked! I hope you are going to post a shot using the Yemen mesh files for me?

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That is a great looking desert camo paint on the Lodestar Gary. Some fine shots of it too. :cool: :cool: :D

:) Thank you Larry!


Super paint on that Lodestar, Kenny.

Thank you too Kenny!


Great shots Gary. Kenny

:) And thank you as well Kenny!


2 quick ones Gary:

I promise to post a few over this area:


Wow Jan! those are great looking shots!

It's hard to tell so far into dusk but, did I see some glare on the Lodestar? You know there is a non glare model available over at SOH that really makes the camo look great.


and what is that plane in the last shot? I want it!

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I hope this works




Nicely done Piet!


great plane, paintjob and shots!


Thank you!


Gary those are some GREAT pics. I d/l that paint and will have to try the non reflective model.


Hey James, definitely try the non reflective model I think it makes a world of a difference! Not just for this particular paint but most of the non bare metal ones.


Gary, Handley-Page Hastings, https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/fslib.php?do=copyright&fid=145019, various types and liveries by JBK.


woohoo! thanks Jan that one slipped by me for all these years.... what do you think, camo? :D


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